T.A.K. : The Amsterdam Knowledge V

T.A.K. is also The Acquaintance Knowledge and The Athanor Knowledge

To tag is "TIK" in Dutch and "tikkertje" is a kids game...some one with a tik or tic is called crazy and mature fools share their information by tagging you...
The clock tik taks and still you do not realize that you were tagged out and since I always play hide and seek, you can never TAK me 
Now you also know why the frog tagged me this morning...it wants to be kissed 

The frog in a friend's garden...

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I will break his record and still be young...
When you have survived HELL, you will survive anything and when your time is done, Nature will set you free FOREVER like it was before you entered Jail...
Have you realized your are chosen to survive the coming holocaust on Humanity? Not that it matters yet I have seen things and I am branded an idiot so do not believe me 

I talked to a beautiful blonde today who is my personal mentor, not from Mentrum though, I just use people yet differently than billionaires, I do not even pay her but with my attention for her when she is arranging things for me...sometimes I feel 113 years old being washed my ass and helped taking the pee...
You can even get free sex in the Netherlands when you are disabled like me, yet I look sane that is why the Nazi hookers are aware...
I look sane, I talk sane, I appear sane and yet I am branded insane because they cannot beat my Mind...no one can, so I use others to fulfill my little needs in this Healthy Sane Asylum you call Earth...but soon they will take me away...EHEHEHEHE and they are coming for you too...

Sometimes idiots like me are a bit cryptic so for once I will explain what knowledge in a nutshell is...can't use words though because I am a DUTCH idiot, always double Dutch with me see, so I use a picture...

The NutStatesOfAmerica...

Eclipse? Let's get the vampires 

I do look into the Sun when there are no chemtrails blocking Her...

"PYRAMID: Height Is Based On Phi

The pyramids of Ancient Egypt are a Library of Stone,
recording the greatest mathematical gems known to Human and Star Beings.
The square area of the base of the pyramid is exactly equal to each of the 4 triangular sides.
This alone is a mathematical olympic feat to equalize the square base with the triangular face.
Also, the critical measurement of the height of this Cheop's pyramid is a function of Phi,
called the Square of Root of Phi (1.272...) and only this anointed height measurement
allows the perimeter of the square base
to equal the circumference of the circumscribed circle. 
This means that if the length of the square base of the pyramid is 440 cubits,
then the perimeter of this square base is 4 x 440 = 1760 cubits. 
It just happens that if you drew a corresponding circle whose radius is this critical height of 1.272..
the newly formed circle has a circumference of 1,760 cubits and it touches the apex of the Pyramid!
This is but a glimpse of how much encoded information has been stored in these stones,
an absolute marvel of our ancient stellar past.
In a nutshell, it means that only the Living Phi Mathematics of Nature can make Heaven and Earth equal,
(the Square represents the Earthly energies, and the Circle is symbolic of the Spirit or Heavenly Spheres)."


Pyramids are everywhere, they were used for 0 point energy...

"I am taught to become a hologram that is why I look so young, I am destined to become a sorcerer, being a president I am only testing my skills on the masses and when I have graduated I do not need that bitchy wife anymore, she can eat toast..."
Check http://worldoftak.ning.com/…/top…/overmenszijn-transhumanism for more info...101 people already liked the topic...
Courtesy to Angel Sonja for the picture 

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