T.A.K. : The Amsterdam Knowledge aka Amy

T.A.K. is also The Acquaintance Knowledge and The Athanor Knowledge

To tag is "TIK" in Dutch and "tikkertje" is a kids game...some one with a tik or tic is called crazy and mature fools share their information by tagging you...
The clock tik taks and still you do not realize that you were tagged out and since I always play hide and seek, you can never TAK me 
Now you also know why the frog tagged me this morning...it wants to be kissed 

The frog in a friend's garden...

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I love making things (up)...

Both are Gemini...:D

I was taught the art of printing at a Jewish printshop in Amsterdam, this was the machine and the people were not easy but I had 1001 laughs with them 

Stop calling me a genius, there are so many others who deserve such a title, you maybe...

Mona Lucy...

Mona is specialized in pudding, lobotomy pudding...

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