T.A.K. : The Amsterdam Knowledge v. 4

T.A.K. is also The Acquaintance Knowledge and The Athanor Knowledge

"No beginning without courage. No courage without truth.
The source of true courage is an experience which brings past and future together, for the truth is not restricted to time. From the life between death and a new birth, we bring into the earthly life ahead the impulse to correct the consequences of our deeds in a previous earthly life. This thought from the past is linked to a thought of the future: the fruits of a former life are incorporated into the spiritual germ of the human being, ripen in the life between death and rebirth and then, transformed into talents and abilities, appear in a new life. Upon comprehending these two thoughts, the present becomes the moment of courage. Such courage, practiced in the inner life of soul and exercised in the outer events of destiny, leads the soul to experience immortality. It is the trustworthy consciousness of the fact that the power is garnered in a former life to confront the individual with the events occurring in the destinies of a later life. This courage becomes the redeemer from the fallibility of the death-ridden body.  But in the meetings of those with whom we are connected by destiny, it also, as the bearer of the consciousness of this immortality, becomes the awakener of this consciousness within them.
Courage becomes redemptive power.

A meditation that strengthens this redeeming power is the contemplation of destiny as a consequence of self-inflicted events."



This is my 3rd attempt to continue the Ponderings on Virtue which started by Blavatsky, were organized by Steiner and intellectualized by Witzenmann...

When I was correcting this booklet, which is available for cheap, years ago with a friend of mine who translated it from German into Dutch, I wondered when such a thing written on Bravery, the first Cross of Amsterdam, developing into Steadfastness, the second Cross and maturing into Compassion, the third Cross from the Coat of Arms of Amsterdam, such can only be a Miracle and thus I found the real Miracle of Amsterdam to be the Virtues...

Of course I felt the Jesuit conspiracy behind Blavatsky and Steiner, yet I am not fighting the Black Sun of 2 Crosses like in the movie the great Dictator with Charlie Chaplin, I was born in a city with 3 Crosses since the Murderer is not denied in my view on Calvary, another movie in which a priest fights the forces of darkness while he simply could have lit a candle...

No, the Murderer is needed to help in the process of maturing the ego after which it will die and the creature becomes the Creator, the most hidden secret miracle of all miracles, fueled by Virtue...



Am I needed in all this Martin?

You are never needed Lucy, but I do like your company, I like women for the same reason...

But lust is not a virtue Martin?

Sais who Lucy? Passion is needed to become Compassion, else it is only "com", which is also called "CUM"...It may not be a bad idea to replace all the com words with cum, for example: Cumspiracy Theory, Cumpany of heroes, The Cumtinual Story of Peyton Place etc. etc...after all they changed the Dutch word TROMP also into TRUMP...

Hihihi Martin!

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