T.A.K. : The Amsterdam Knowledge V

T.A.K. is also The Acquaintance Knowledge and The Athanor Knowledge


Thinking ABOUT is the same as pondering and doing so I arrived in this new topic, Thoughts About Karma or short T.A.K., a familiar sir name in this world, a name you cannot deny or else :D

In T.A.K. version 1, I explained about "You get what you give", 5 words to describe the simplicity of the One Law in Nature yet it proved not simple enough to be understood since people have a problem with the second 5 words "You give what you get"...

Actually they have completely fukked up my pondering...they mutilated it into: "You nibble what you see" and "You blame some one else for stealing"...

In T.A.K. version 2, I showed you how people can go wrong in victimizing the wrong one and in bits and pieces I showed you stories of my life and more and what happened to the people torturing me...

In T.A.K. version 3, the current, I will slowly weaponize my Mind and in T.A.K. version 4, I will have become TAK...not TAK by King, because I am not a fantasy, I am a reality...



People could go scared now Martin?

No Lucy, only those who are guilty...

But what will you do Martin?

Not a thing Lucy, only make sure that Karma has no cause in me nor effect anymore...

But then you will die Martin?

No Lucy, I will leave this plane of existence...

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Today I will be busy on T.A.K.-The Amsterdam Knowledge part 14.

The Amsterdam Knowledge is a never ending project since the problem is that I do not know anything, that is why I am called the Madmaster which is anagram of Amsterdam or Madesmart, where a "made" is a worm in Dutch...and as such I refer to the GUT again here...

So how do I make myself learn to know something or anything? When knowledge is power, I am not interested since I do not support Power?

Knowledge is the fairy tale which is created after a [collective] experience, I am not interested in fairy tales, I can create them on the fly and as such the prince of flies likes me and presented me his...



Fairy tales are for kids Martin?

Yes Lucy, ignorant little fukks need them to be spelled, so they behave like the more grown up kids in Kindergarten...

But some kids find the Truth in the fairy tale Martin?

Yes Lucy and they cannot share it but by parroting the fairy tale...

Or create a new one Martin?

Ok Lucy,because it is some one's birthday today, some one I like, I make a very short fairy tale:

"One upon a time it was the end".

Hihihi Martin! 

Before they had the current watersystem in the Netherlands, there was Dunewater...
I once gave my dad a bottle from his birthyear 1926 

May 8th 2000 allignment...


In 1975 a clever merchant re-bottled "Dunewater" and a few years ago the Amsterdam Museum was fooled with a bottle, thinking it was from 1853...
Actually they sold it by the bucket 


Amsterdam was the first city in the Netherlands to have waterworks...showing the true Nature of Aquarius by means of Cancer...and yes that is cryptic and I am not going to explain...


I had the idea to ponder on collectivism today, yet this topic is about Karma and as such about the Wheel of Fortune, the 10th card in the Tarot deck...

I could type of course that Karma is not an individual thing only, whole cooperations or corporations can be affected...

Earth is such a Cooperation, when one fly is harmed with intention, the whole world will endure the suffering, that is Karma, that is the Law...

Karma is based on the principle of Ahimsa, do not harm others nor yourself, and such made Buddha for example suffer anorexia, he dared not eat, nor breathe, too afraid he would harm other beings so Jesus had to come to take that guilt away and since then people are free to kill anything they like or want because of Jesus who harmed himself into crux-I-fiction...

So next time you whack a fly, you now know you do not have to worry...or when you rape a child and kill it afterwards...there is always the fiction of Jesus who will save the day...



This is ridiculous and hilarious Martin!

That is what I also said when I read about Buddha and Jesus, Lucy, Chinese philosophy however corrected it all...

You mean Confucius is your example Martin?

Yes Lucy and Law Say, Law Say Confuse...

Hihihi Martin!

I prefer RAW over WAR :

Chinese Shiva, Quan Yin or China Lucy :D

No more I Amsterdam :P

"Long Tall Glasses"

I was travellin' down the road
Feelin' hungry and cold
I saw a sign sayin'
Food and drinks for everyone
So naturally I thought
I would take me a look inside
I saw so much food
There was water coming from my eyes

Yeah, there was ham and there was turkey
There was caviar
And long tall glasses
With wine up to y'are
And somebody grabbed me
Threw me out of my chair
Said "before you can eat
You gotta dance like fred astaire"
You know I can't dance
you know I can't dance
You know I can't dance
you know I can't dance
I can't dance

I am a man of the road
A hobo by name
I don't seek entertainment
Just poultry and game
But if it's all the same to you
Then yes, I will try my hand
If you were hungry as me
Then I'm sure you will understand

Hmmmmmm, now wait a minute
Of course I can dance
Of course I can dance
I'm sure I can dance
I'm sure I can dance
I can dance
I can dance
I really hit the floor
Ah, it feels good
Look at me dancing

I did a two-step, quick-step and a bossanova
A little victor sylvester and a rudy valentino
You should have seen me moving
Right across the floor
Hand me down my tuxedo
Next week I'm coming back for more

I can dance
Oh yes, I can dance
Look at me dance on the floor movin'
I feel good
I can dance
I can dance
I can dance
I can dance
I can dance
I can dance

They are all dead, Lucifer said, no wonder Sorat wants to annihilate them!

Indeed pal, Ahriman confirmed, my job it seems...all that denies love will be destroyed...

And those who deny justice, I'll take care off, Lucifer added...

But what about the Asura's, Ahriman wondered, they are after me?

Well, you get what you give headless one, Lucifer said, The Lord does not need you when all is honky dory again....so he has you killed as well...

And those Asura's? Ahriman persisted...

They die while killing you...

Ok, that is what I like, Ahriman said and moved his deadly Eye towards Mankind...



This has happened so many times before Martin...

Yeah Lucy, and every time again a few people find freedom, not at the cost of those billions though...

I do not understand Martin?

Economics Lucy, you invest 100 million, you win 1...

And those 100 million Martin?

They will be reborn Lucy, Karma wills it...

Hihihi Martin!


Soros is part of the Ahriman Complex...

Ahriman Technology...



"He is the lord of the gods; he is the lord of the inhabited world; he is the one whom the winds fear; he is the one who made all things by the command of his voice."

Ahriman is of course an anagram of Hariman, the Supreme Hari who has no name like no head either...

The concept of Ahriman or the GUT [GOD] is extremely complex since It's shapeshifting is fueled by Lucifer who represents the Mind...you could say, the GUT is the Lord of the body, Lucifer is the Mind, Christ is the Heart and you are ego, the Brain...4 dimensions or realms, like the GUNA's I already pondered upon with the addition of the 4th GUNA which is not really a GUNA, the Brain...

The GUT is also the representative of DEATH, since the GUT decides when it is game over...and depends on the use of you in serving Nature...which includes you, your self the ego as well...

The ego does not have to die, it needs to be trained so it becomes an instrument, a weapon and for that you first have to abandon all control...



I have no body Martin?

I know Lucy...

So I cannot train an ego Martin?

You can only preview it in the Mind Lucy, like a hologram, but you will never realize such...

Why not Martin?

Because Lucy, you are a hologram of mine which I will not realize either...

I am replicated Martin?

Sort of Lucy, I am a hologram too, more complicated but still a hologram, a hologram of meat...

You are reviewed Martin?

Yes Lucy, I am growing into a concept...the Martin concept...

That is new Martin?

Yes Lucy, just like Ahriman never manifested in the flesh...according myth that is...

And Steiner Martin?

He never described Ahriman the way I do Lucy...he made it an idol, while I see it as a concept like Christ and Lucifer and yet the Gut is a fact in this world, not according Myth, it realizes in billions of people like the many flies I saw in a dream last night in an abandoned doctor's house (Anthroposophy) which I reopened for a female doctor...the flies were from a dead cat in the house and there were other cats there, starved but they found their freedom...

Gut, God, Cat,interesting phonetics Martin?

Yes Lucy, almost primordial, see links...


Neon, the city's sun
Taxis like beetles run, and I see
Pavements with yellow lines
Grey walls and big bold signs with darkness
Up above, all around
In the sky, on the ground
This is what, I have found
Cities, cities

Here the flowers don't grow
Here the river's just a sewer
People who move below
Buildings with smells and noise and darkness
Up above, all around
In the sky, on the ground This is what, I have found
Cities, cities

Not for me
No, no I don't believe you
It's not the place to be
No, no I won't believe you

Here the flowers don't grow
Here the river's just a sewer People who move below
Buildings with smells and noise and darkness
Up above, all around
In the sky, on the ground
This is what I have found
Cities, cities, cities


Razorblade Runner sounds like a good title for a movie,my beard grows long :D


Strange dreams I have...


Have you ever wondered why God is often depicted as a balding old man and why the angels are often depicted as little naked children?

Why he is usually set on a throne which actually is a toilet?

That when he takes a shit, he is actually unstressing his gut creating the infinite pile of shit you call universe which is no verse at all and certainly not unified?

That he actually is a trangender who loves sex with children and afterwards eats them?

That he had hard sex with a human as a hologram which created his son, who is still learning to become a transgender but started out as a homosexual?

That the human he had sex with was his own mother and a daughter of a creation of him he made out of a rib from another son?



Did you run out of TP?

Yes Lucy, so I cannot continue my pondering...have to shop first again...

God is formless like Water Martin?

God is Love Lucy, something people do not understand and that is why they create silly stories like my example...

But I never read yours anywhere Martin?

Because I did not write it down Lucy, I make my stories half existing, by typing them electronically...not ionically nor protonically...

The Big Electron Martin?

Lucy, the particle of God is the whole Universe and God is a part of Nature;

Nature is Intelligence and creates Gods, which create Love, which creates Minds, which create worlds, which create creatures...

In case you were too lazy to read the link, this is mentioned:

In Genesis 3:12, Eve is referred to as “he.” In Genesis 9:21, after the flood, Noah repairs to “her” tent. Genesis 24:16 refers to Rebecca as a “young man.” And Genesis 1:27 refers to Adam as “them.”

If God is Love, then you must be the opposite...

You can not love God, you can only open your Mind so it is not in the way to be loved...

People need to learn to wash their own brains 

Now that you know that God is Love, you can bin the rest that came after God, that is why I made T.A.K., The Aftermath Knowledge, no need to proof Love and such is stupid at the same time 
No God in the Universe will proof me wrong btw, not even in the 5th Dimension..

Humans are the only species who ask themselves who they are and at the same time pretend they are some one else...

The Greeks therefore invented the Gnothi Seauton, the Man Know Thyself yet this was not good enough because only MEN were searching for such in the end...

Actually it usually is or was the male part of humanity who asked itself the question "Who am I", females are and were too busy raising kids, do the cooking, laundry and creating warmth and cosines in the house (including sex of course), a thing males lack to do, also usually...

Instead most men are into nosiness, politics, war and murderchandize, a T.A.K. word for merchandize or business...

So now you are reading my pondering and asking yourself, is this guy for real?

Such a question I can easily answer with telling you what YOU ARE NOT :D

You are not your Mind, 

You are not your Soul, 

You are not your Spirit and 

You are not what you see in the Mirror...

Now before you ask WHY? I add that you do exist, but your brain does not understand the Mind nor the SOUL...NOTE I type the, not your because not only are you such, you do not have it either...

The Why therefore is also easy...


And that is why you are not MAN KIND...

No need to ask now why you are here or where you will go, since such can only be DEATH..


So people die because they are not kind Martin?

Indeed Lucy, "kind" also means CHILD in Dutch...

But Martin, most children are not kind either?

True Lucy, most are selfish little shits and they do not mature, so they become adult selfish cunts and assholes...

Why not dicks Martin?

Because they are fukked Lucy, so they are cunts and assholes...

Hihihi Martin!

Be Kind, it is all you can be...

In a world of Karma, there can never be peace since Karma is a reward/punishment Law, a Law caused by Universal GREED...

GREED is the first creation of Separation hence the Dollar sign is an "S" with a divider and sometimes 2 dividers...

Another word for Separation is Satan which means True Self in Sanskrit and such does not exist in Truth...In Truth ONLY IS, there is no self, no Buddha, no Jesus, not even God...no thing or being goes beyond Truth...

Everything that creates or is created therefore is separated from Truth and as such is a lie...

The only currency in Truth is Love and hate is misunderstood Love...



Jesus said he was the Truth, Martin?

He was not Lucy, he tried to serve Truth but the lie crucified him...

Buddha is also seen as the Truth, he even wrote the 4 noble Truths Martin?

There is only 1 Truth, Lucy and Buddha is said to never have written anything, not even when he was at school...

God is said to have written the Bible Martin?

Sure Lucy, he also raped Mary and Jesus is a bastard son since no one can point a fukking finger at some one else to be his father...

Hihihi Martin!

Not funny Lucy, there will be constant WAR in a world like this because Truth is taken for a ride to the Moon...

One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket to the blues

Choo, choo train chuggin' down the track 
Gotta travel on, never comin' back 
Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues 

Bye, bye love my baby's leavin' me 
Now lonely teardrops are all that i can see 
Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues 

Gonna take a trip to lonesome town 
Gonna stay at heartbreak hotel 
A fool such as i that never learns 
I cry a tear so well 

One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket to the blues

Choo, choo train chuggin' down the track 
Gotta travel on, never comin' back 
Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues 

Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues 

Gonna take a trip to lonesome town 
Gonna stay at heartbreak hotel 
A fool such as i that never learns 
I cry a tear so well 

One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket to the blues

Choo, choo train chuggin' down the track 
Gotta travel on, never comin' back 
Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues 

Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues 
Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues

Once I said I wanted you, I don't remember why
I often wonder if it's true, that you could make me cry
I only know it's long ago, you said, I love you too
But I got one solution left, we're gonna start anew
How do you do? mmm mmm
I thought why not, na-na, na-na
Just me and you
And then we can, na-na, na-na
Just like before
And you will say, na-na, na-na
Please give me more
And you will think, na-na, na-na
Hey, that's what I am living for
How do you do? hoe-hoe
Once I said I wanted you and I remember why
I often wonder if it's true, you still can make me cry
And now it's not so long ago, you said, I love you too
'Cause I had one solution left and that's to start anew
How do you do? mmm
How do you do? hoe-hoe
It is impossible to write down Truth, the only way that comes near is to type it because it is not physical then and easy to correct, even when the whole world thinks it is True what you typed, you can change it in a jiffy...for example:
Trump was a great choice, next half the world believes it...then you correct it because he was not the great choice and next it readsTrump was not a great choice and still half the world believes it...
Hahahahaha, ow and do not beLIEve the picture...
What do you mean, "Pants on fire? 
We only exist in reality, not in the Real...there is no room there for lies...



When you read the first and the second link, you will notice that the first is more a summing up while the second is a fairytale describing Antahkarana...

The second link belongs to "Humanity healing", a front from Lucis Trust and as such a disinfo organisation, although I do not exclude everything they teach, since in Half truth there is always Some truth :D

Ok, now what is Antahkarana really?

I love simplicity so I would say, it is the connection between your left and right part of the brain BUT also between the Fore, Mid and Hint brain and to be even more simple, it is the connection between one atom and another, or one Atma (which means Self) with another...

These connections are in fact bridges or gates, they are the in between of individuals, the in between of Individualism and Collectivism, the mediator between Left and Right...or Above and Below...the Inner and Outer...

The great Teachers of the past can also be called Antahkarana's, since they were bridges between the obvious and the unknown...



Why do they use a Swastika as the symbol?

Because the Swastika is actually a symbol of the One Energy of Love Which connects everything Lucy...

(My in between movie is in between part 13 and 14 of The Amsterdam Knowledge, Amsterdam the city with more than 1500 bridges)


Today's pondering is actually a warning, not a threat...

In the picture you see the exterior of the Willibrord* Church and the interior of the Willibrord Church the Duif (The Dove), 2 churches with the same name in which the latter is used as a restaurant...the first is demolished..

I was pondering on Willibrord a year ago when I visited the Chapel dedicated to Mary on the Spirit grounds near the city of Alkmaar in my search for the True Miracle of Amsterdam which is the Understanding of the Virtue...

As a result I was rewarded with all the information about the New World Order, not the NWO the globalists want, but the One they try to destroy, which is impossible...

I found the answers to the New Economic Order, The New Knight Order and yes that is a [New] Christian thing, because New Arabism is currently developed too..., the end of politics as you know it, the Synthesis based on the Hegelian view vs the Materialistic Science view in the New Educational (read new religious) Order and the New Justice Order...

I was told this is the very last attempt to reach out for humanity and when ignored you will wish you were family of Noah...

As I type this bridges are already built between the powers in the world and the knowledge that belongs to the above NWO, is already available...



Why don't you share that knowledge Martin?

Because I am seen as crazy Lucy, I will never be a teacher either but at the same time you better not ignore me, since my Gut is fully awake...

That sounds like a threat Martin?

What is the threat then Lucy and against whom? Don't you understand the difference between a threat and a warning? I never threaten, such is a waste of energy which I better use when I attack...

*Willibrord means SPEAR OF THE WILL, not a toy they safeguard being the Spear of Destiny, that is utter bullshit...


 In the 19th century it was allowed again for the Roman Catholics to build churches again in Amsterdam, most of them have been demolished... 


The base of operation spreading part of the above knowledge is also situated in the Churchstreet... 

Although we remembered the Holocaust in Amsterdam, most politicians, if not all in the Netherlands do not understand VIRTUE and as such the New Arabism can easily develop and is way more aggressive than the Dutch politics...ehehehehehe
The world will be destroyed when Virtue has left...

I only meddle with those I Love, such is a kind of partying 

"Good" Karma...

"Bad" Karma :D

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